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...and Victor Cardamone, as The Little Old Man, made a hilarious entrance on stilts and pointed hat, to deliver arithmetic lessons that were the stuff of nightmares. A hurricane of numbers erupted across the screen, climaxing in strobe lighting throughout the hall.”

Janelle Gelfand, Cincinnati Business Courier (February 2020)

“As Jeník, Victor Cardamone’s sweet tenor was ideal in the romantic moments, and he also had the power and ringing high notes to convey his resolve. In addition, he delivered his lines so clearly that the projected titles were unnecessary.”

Janelle Gelfand, Cincinnati Business Courier (November 2019)

“...and Victor Cardamone as Jose and the Barber... was a perfect foil for Don Q(uixote).”

John Lambert, Classical Voice of North Carolina (July 2016)

“Tenor Victor S. Cardamone's voice was bright and well-suited to the extensive runs and range of a work by Handel. His pitch and tone quality were perfect, and the ornamentations were performed with alacrity.”

— Leanne Heaton, Butler Eagle (December 2015)

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